The company was founded in 1955.The name ELEKTRO-VODA was given because initially the company built the first electric power plant in Cres and ensured that the town had electricity.  Namely, at that time the islands of Cres and Lošinj were not connected to the power system from the mainland, and therefore electricity was produced by generators placed in Cres and Mali Lošinj.  The water supply network became operational in Cres on November 29, 1953, when the water was brought from Lake Vrana for the first time. Elektro-voda managed the water supply network and sewage system on the islands of Cres and Lošinj.

In 1979, a reorganization was carried out, that is, the enterprise bearing the name Elektro-voda was established, dealing with supply, sewerage, and civil engineering.

In 1992, the company Elektro-voda was founded by the Decision of the Assembly of the Municipality of Cres-Lošinj and by the Decision of its sole founder, the Public Utility Company “Vodovod i čistoća Cres-Mali Lošinj”

Based on the Law on Water from 2013, utility companies that included water supply and drainage services were supposed to divide these activities into separately run supply and drainage companies. After the split-up, Elektro-voda was owned by its sole founder, now the newly established company “Komunalne usluge Cres-Lošinj”.

Since 2023, the company Elektro-voda has been privately owned.

The company headquarters are located at Turion 20B in the Cres industrial zone.