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Competent court

Commercial Court in Rijeka




Without procedure

ELEKTRO – VODA, d. o. o. for construction, trade and catering

Cres (City of Cres)
Turion 20B

Foundation capital
448,980,00 EUR

Legal form
a limited liability company

The business objective
14.1 Quarrying of stone
28 Production of metal products, except machinery and equipment
45 Construction
50.2 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
51 Wholesale trade and intermediation in trade, except trade in motor vehicles and motorcycles
52.1 Retail trade in non-specialized shops
52.44 Retail trade in furniture, lighting equipment and household products
52.45 Retail trade in electrical household appliances, radios and TV sets
52.46 Retail trade in small iron goods, paints, glass, other building materials
52.7 Repair of items for personal use and household
55 Hospitality
60.24 Transportation of goods (cargo) by road
71 Rental of machines and equipment, without operators

* mediation in foreign trade and representation of foreign companies

* real estate management on the  behalf and for the account of co-owners

* disposal of the funds of the common reserve of the real estate co-owners

* representation of real estate co-owners in connection with real estate management

* demolition of buildings. buildings and earthworks

* technical and economic maintenance of water assets, regulatory water buildings and devices

* technical and economic maintenance of amelioration systems for drainage and irrigation

* technical works for the implementation of defense against floods and other forms of protection against the harmful effects of water

* other construction. works (special contractor and equipment)

* arrangement of watercourses and other waters (regulatory works)

* real estate business

* building design (creating architectural, construction, installation, technological and other types of projects)

* expert construction supervision

* engineering, project management and technical activities

* preparation of expert documents for obtaining location permits for water supply and drainage infrastructure buildings

* parking lot services

Authorized representative

Vladimir Štrbac, PIN: 45841827741 

Cres, Bernardino Rizzi 1

– member of the board

– represents independently and individually, based on the Decision of July 19, 2023